Learning Outcomes

The Department of Chemical Engineering exists to provide strong and unique support of Brigham Young University's mission to "assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life" (BYU Mission Statement). This is to be done through an educational experience that is "spiritually strengthening, intellectually enlarging, and character building, thus fitting students with the skills and desire for lifelong learning and service." (BYU Aims Document). In accordance with the expectations of the Accrediation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and the Northwest Accreditation Committee (NWAC), the department has developed a set of Student(ABET)/Learning(NWAC) Outcomes which the program is preparing graduates to achieve.  

Information on the Student/Learning Outcomes can be found here.


Assessment Plan

To ensure that students acheive these outcomes, and to continually identify areas for improvement, the department assesses student performance in each outcome every semester.  This is done using direct methods by the faculty and indirect methods by the students.  The data collected every semester is discussed in the department undergraduate committee and recommendations for improvements are given to each instructor.  To "close-the-loop" and ensure improvements are being made, instructors are required to explain in writing how they addressed the recommendations given by the committee the next time the course is taught.


Assessment Record

Outcome Assessments

The files below are the summaries of the assessments of the Student(ABET)/Learnining(NWAC) Outcomes done in each course.  These data are used by the undergraduate committee to make changes to the cirriculum.

Data F05

Data F06

Data F07

Data F08

Data F09

Data F10

Data F11

Data F12

Data F13

Data F14

Data F15

Data F16

Data F17

Data F18

Data W06

Data W07

Data W08

Data W09

Data W10

Data W11

Data W12

Data W13

Data W14

Data W15

Data W16

Data W17

Data W18

Data W19



The files below are the recommendations given by the undergraduate committee based upon the course-level assessment done each semester.

Recommendations F09

Recommendations F10

Recommendations F11

Recommendations F12

Recommendations F13

Recommendations F14

Recommendations F15

Recommendations F16

Recommendations F17

Recommendations F18

Recommendations W09

Recommendations W10

Recommendations W11

Recommendations W12

Recommendations W13

Recommendations W14

Recommendations W15

Recommendations W16

Recommendations W17

Recommendations W18

Recommendations W19


Closing the Loop

The assessment process has resulted in continual improvement in acheiving the Student(ABET)/Learning(NWAC) Outomes in the department of Chemcial Engineering.  The file below is a summary of these improvements from the F05 semester to the present.

Closing the Loop F05-W16